How to Get Rid of Dog Smell in the House

It’s true that dog is man’s best friend, and we also love to cuddle them but do we really want to do that when that start to stink? No, we don’t. but the question to ask is what are the causes of a dog smell? Today we discuss that important topic for pet lovers how to get rid of dog smell in the house.

Some Reasons for Dog Smells:

Before we start with the solution, it would only make sense for us to start with the reason why they (dog) smell in the first place.

Ear infections

Bacteria and yeast, these two play a major role in causing ear infections in dogs. Basically, a good and healthy ear has the ability to fend off bacteria but if your dog suffers from any form of allergy or even hormonal imbalance, the yeast, and the bacteria can increase drastically, and this could cause a weakening smell.


Yes, gas, one of the major causals of dog smell in the home is flatulence, if your dog can cause a great nose – closing effect in your room after passing gas it is due to its body been intolerance to an ingredient in the food they’ve taken. When that happens, you need to see your vet, they will provide you with a different diet you need to start feeding your dog with, diets that are grain-free or fish-based can be a great idea. Sometimes, too much wind can be a great cause for this, it could be an underlying factor, so make sure the air in your house stays comfy.

Cancer of the Skin

When a dog has cancer on its skin, it starts to give a foul smell. You will notice a tumor on the surface of the skin on the dog, it is often very rapid-growing, at a point, the middle area of the mass will die off now that it has no nutrient.

Anal Sacs

Anal Sac is also one of the common causes of dog smell. A dog usually has two scent sacs in the anal region, these sacs are a type of marking gland (now you know why dog smell their rear ends when they meet another dog). If these sacs are impacted, it can be a big pain for the dog, coupled with that is a secretion of smelly substance on the fur of the dog. When you see a dog scooting (dragging its bottom on the ground), it’s time to see your vet.


Food or seasonal allergy can lead to inflammation on the skin of your dog, this can lead to excessive secretion of oil from a gland in the skin, this gland produces a terrible smell. What causes food allergy could be as a result of poor dieting for the dog especially in carbohydrates and some processed foods which could 84% of the time lead to food allergy in the dog.

Ways to Eliminate Dog’s Bad Smell:

Now that you know some of the causal agents of smells in the dog. It’s time we talk about how to get rid of dog smell.

Epsom salt

Epsom salt can treat the infection thereby reducing or killing off the smell in dogs. All you need to do is soak the infected part. Use 2 tablespoons of Epsom salt in every liter of warm water. It is also possible that the infection might be deep so there is no 100% guarantee that this would work.

Staphage Lysate Injections

The Lysate injection will only work in about 1 out of 3 dogs, so, if your dog does not respond to this form of treatment, you should try something else. But it’s worth trying if a previous treatment such as Antibiotics and Shampoos didn’t work on the dog.


There is a high probability that if there is a case of pyoderma, your dog would need to be put on antibiotics. They work well but need weeks of treatment before your dog is totally treated. But be careful as using antibiotics too much can lead to some other serious problem.

Get Rid of Dog Smell in Your House


Sometimes, your vet will give you a shampoo to help treat your dog’s infection. You should try using one of the anti-bacterial shampoos, as they usually work better if, in a way the hair is clipped over the infected part, the shampoo should be left there for at least 15 minutes at every bath.

Switch your dog’s diet

Just like we’ve talked about earlier, your dog’s diet could be the reason why you are getting the stinking smell. So, place your dog on a real diet, I’m talking of diets that don’t include processed food. You will be shocked to know that a change in diet can reduce the problem.

Bonus tip on how to make your dog smell better.

  • Use more of Shampoos to bath your dog
  • Groom your dog daily
  • Reduce flatulence
  • Pay more attention to the Anal Sac
  • Always clean your dog’s bedding.

If after all the stated ways to get rid of the smell, and your home still feels uncomfortable for you no thanks to the eye-soaking smell oozing from your precious dog.