How To Stop Your Dog From Running Away? Try These Tips

Are you a dog owner? Does your dog often run off when you leave home, open the door or take off its leash?

When dogs run off, there is a very good chance of it getting injured or getting lost or worse. They may chase cars or other animals, fall into ditches, get into fights with other dogs, attack other animals and a whole lot of mischief. As a dog owner, it is your duty to know how to stop your dog from running away.

With the right knowledge of the causes, you can learn how to stop your dog from running away.

Your dog will typically run off

  • If it sees another dog to challenge or play with
  • if it sees another animal investigate
  • If it sees something interesting like a car or ball
  • If it sees food or a snack.
  • If it sees an easy escape route.
  • In fear of something in the house like a vacuum cleaner
  • Due to reproductive drive

Basically, if there’s something more interesting or less scary away from home, your dog is most likely to want to leave. Running away is a “self-rewarding behavior” so your dog will enjoy various privileges that encourage running away some more.

Your dog gets to raid your neighbor’s trash, dig up some “treasures” in the yard next door, go over to the old lady’s yard where the cute Labrador lives. The freedom to do whatever is always a good temptation to run off.

How do you stop your dog from running away?

There are several steps you can take to keep your dog at home where it can’t get into any mischief or trouble.

Here are some measures that can prevent your dog from running away.

Evaluate your dog’s needs

Different dog breeds have specific habits and tendencies, some breeds like Huskies are quite independent and enjoy roaming. Other breeds have a propensity for idleness and lying around. You need to understand your dog’s nature and its needs, this will enable you to manage its behavior more effectively and you can easily control their actions even when you are not there.


why does my dog run away from me

Nope, not the sword fighting sport. I mean install an effective fence around your home. Fences help the dog to see clear boundaries. Your fence must be quite tall so your dog can’t jump over it. And ensure your gate is one that closes automatically. If your gates are left open, your dog would have the opportunity to wander off.

Provide Entertainment at home

Wandering or running off is usually as a result boredom, but if there are interesting things to do at home, the zeal to wander off or run away is greatly reduced. You should engage in regular interactive exercises like training games, playing fetch, or you could build a sandbox for digging. As long as your dog is kept busy at home, the great outdoors will be less and less of a temptation.

Make your home a dog haven

For dogs, wandering off or running away is a habit, so to stay at home is a habit as well, and this habit can be encouraged if the home is so attractive, they never want to leave. If the home is filled with so much fun and so many nice and interesting things, so much interactive activities, there would be no need for your dog to ever want to leave.

Create a bond with your dog

Dogs generally have a bond with their owners and families, the stronger the bond with your dog, the less its chance of wanting to run away. A poorly treated dog is bound to want out of the house, apteral, it’s less scary out there. Treat your dog’s right and they will stay with you for life.

Use reward-based training methods

Whenever your dog comes back to you, it is not a nice idea to punish your dog. It is better to make the dog sit and earn a treat instead. You can train your dog not to go through a door or gate without being invited.

Seek Professional Help

When you leave home, and your dog seems more distressed than normal, it may suffer from separation anxiety. It is quite normal for a dog to mope or whine, but if a dog jumps through a screen or window or scratches the doors until it leaves a mark, then it may be time to seek the help of an animal behaviorist or a dog trainer. They will help your dog gain a bit of independence and be more confident being left alone. Obedience training is also a very effective method to keep your dog at home. If your dog runs full speed towards the front door each time it opens, trying to get out, prior obedience training comes in very handy, you can just simply command it to “stay”.

Neuter or spay

The natural urge to mate may be the reason for your dog’s wanderlust, and so it might be a good idea to neuter your dog as this is a proven method to significantly reduce roaming.

These tips may help to stop your dog from running away and keep your cuddly little companion at home while you go out and have a good time.